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Sibiu Rally Challenge

May 12th, 2015 by

          Sibiu Rally Challenge , engagierte Motorsport- Festival im September von 20 bis 23 August geplant ist, wird die Weltpremiere statt auf der Leiter Transfagarasan dauern . Es ist als angegeben Hermann Tilke berühmten neu angeordnet werden


           Die berühmteste Straße in Rumänien wird von insgesamt Transformation profitieren, um Fans eine einzigartige Show . Hermann Tilke Deutscher Architekt, Designer der neuesten Schaltkreisen in der Weltmeisterschaft der Formel 1 Stadtkurs und um das Haus von den Menschen, verantwortlich für dieses einzigartige Projekt . Schaltungen wurden überall gebaut , Sumpf, Wüste , aber nie auf einem Berg. Deshalb , um diese einzigartige Herausforderung anzunehmen . Es ist ein fantastisches Gebiet , die viele Sportfans anzieht . Wird voraussichtlich noch beliebter als die berühmte Nürburgring zu werden, nach Hermann Tilke . Schaltung Transfagarasan alle Sicherheitsregeln durch FIA auferlegten beobachten und können jede Art von Motorsport- Wettbewerb aufzunehmen.

   raliul-sibiului-3 (1)             Arbeit am 1. April begonnen und wird jetzt die größte Herausforderung schnee Entfernungsabschnitt , der zwischen den Punkten der Balea Wasserfall und Balea Lac gebaut werden wird. “Er Mehl Entscheidung. Amu müssen uns an die Arbeit , es ist ein Muss , um die Schaltung bis zum August zu beenden. Ja Badezimmer haben keine Zeit für all das , Schnee nur mehr nach rechts hier . Wir werden alles tun, langsam , wie wir besser verstehen, im November “, sagte einer der Mitarbeiter der Baufirma in Sibiu. Nach dem Chalet Bereich im Eishotel in Balea Lac würde in dieser Zeit einige Bernie Ecclestone und offiziellen Quellen haben bestätigt, dass auf dem Gebiet kam untergebracht , um zu sehen , wenn es organisiert ein Grand-Prix- Formel 1.

5046427824_8f545f14f5         In diesem Jahr ist das erste Mal Sibiu Rallye findet am Asphalt zu nehmen und haben die Veranstalter gedacht, dass wir kommen mit etwas Neuem. So Transfagarasan Schaltung wird der Höhepunkt des Festivals , um den Motorsport gewidmet ist. Vorbereitung und wird auf Zeit in August 2015 Piloten abgeschlossen sein wird insgesamt Spektakel Sibiu Rallye zu machen. Einige sprechen bereits von Formel-1- conforn Sorin Itu, Organisator Sibiu Rally Challenge . Schaltung wird als eine besondere Bühne in Sibiu -Rallye , der sechsten Runde der National Rally Championship enthalten sein und wird viermal zu gehen. Darüber hinaus wird es Demonstrationen und Driften , Go-Kart und andere Veranstaltungen während des Festivals geplant werden. Die Informationen wurden zum ersten Mal in 1. April von den Organisatoren bekannt gegeben.


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April 15th, 2015 by

14.07.2015 : 12th edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs HARD ENDURO RALLYE

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                      2014 has been a record in terms of number of participants, all seats are already occupied so early last year it was decided from the point of view of safety the number of participants is limited to 350, so that all who wish to exceed their adventure in the Carpathians as well Safi already enrolled Since 2014 edition rally classes were created trails Gold – the most difficult , Silver , Bronze and Iron , the latter being designed more for beginners who still have a toolkits on wheels. If in 2014 the classes Silver, Bronze and Iron could compete both individually and as a team, will compete only 2015 individually. The riders will be able to help one another but will not score in the team classification . In other words at the 12th edition will have stiff competition for the top 10 of each class .
And how it all starts in Sibiu , on July 14, 2015 , Prologue , the show created for urban public that determines the start order of the first four days in the mountains. Immediately after the 2014 edition track managers have begun to explore new routes and with about nine months to start already have a few surprises for both those in Class Gold and Silver , Bronze and Iron .
The 2014 edition was the one where Jonny Walker became the youngest winner of the rally . The 23-year -old Briton , who is the official flagship KTM outran Graham Jarvis , Rider also known under the title of King of the Carpathians after winning four times Red Bull Romaniacs . The three completed Wade Young, a South African aged only 18 who managed to reach the podium Gold class right from the second participation in the most difficult hard enduro rally in the world.

Red Bull Romaniacs 2014 figures

350 – number of competitors; 40 – the number of nations represented in the competition;

400 – total MEMBER organization team during the rally;

12 – the number of countries they come from members of the organizing team: Romania, Austria, Germany, Denmark, UK, USA, Switzerland, South Africa, Serbia, Norway, Spain, Russia;

30,000 – liter (30 tons) of fuel used during the four days of off-road competitors, media, track managers, assistants route, the route cleaning team;

400 – liters of oil for two-stroke engines used during the four days of off-road competitors, media, track managers, assistants route, track cleaning team;

3582 –sparkling liters of water consumed during the event;

850 – people were accommodated in Voineasa between two stages in the mountains. Rally revitalized Lotrului Mountains resort.

1000 – people were accommodated in Sibiu during the rally.

8 – months were needed to prepare the 11th edition of the route

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Tour Sibiu

April 9th, 2015 by

sibiu-events        Tour Sibiu is as Unuinea International Cycling informs only competitive cyclists Romania already included in the UCI calendar for 2015 Tour of Sibiu 2015 will take place according to the court cycling world, but promises to be scheduled commencement father on July 1 because oranizatorii want a final stage with the sprint placed on one of the avenues of Sibiu. The debut tour will be represented by a prologue in the historical center then continue with the final sprint stage, and the two mountain stages will be scheduled on July 3rd and July 4th sycamore Balea Lac. The final stage is the arrival in Piata Mare Sibiu traditional place for the end of the Tour.

           Sponsors Race 2015 will take place on 20 June 2015, on two tracks: one for girls (17 km) and the other for boys (35 km), identical to the year acesta.Echipele will consist of six boys and a girl the number of teams or individual competitors from each sponsor is unlimited, provided they are its employees

Why plan your holiday in Sibiu ? !!

April 1st, 2015 by


We all know that in Sibiu is no place for boredom every season … … winter bands of colloidal heard in villages; spring folk festivals refreshes us ; summer theater performing arts animate the city streets ; and autumn is dedicated fairs gourmet products and quality music.

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2500 artists and guests from 70 countries ·

380 events held in 66 landscaped spaces

     Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the most comprehensive annual festival in Romania , recognized internationally as the third festival of performing arts in Europe, in scope and dimension after the Edinburgh International Festival ( UK ) and Festival Avignon ( France).    The XXII edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival will begin Friday, June 12 this year, with a grand street show produced by French company Plasticiens Volants . The event will take place in the Market Square of Sibiu , and entry is free.

          This year the French artists will direct from Sibiu sky giant inflatable structures, two music and lights combine with pyrotechnics: “Big Bang” (Friday, June 12) and “Little Nemo in Slumberland” (Sunday, 14 June). “Big Bang” is an impressive visual saga about the birth of the universe, in which artists are meeting on stilts and inflatable characters suspended in a breathtaking aerial choreography. To develop this show French artists took three years so as to design and test inflatable structures that can exceed even 15 meters long. “Little Nemo in Slumberland” is a show with inflatable dolls has a height of 10 meters, which will be routed over the public to their imagination. Little Nemo is a cartoon character created by Winsor McCay in 1905 and promoted a series of sketches in the New York Herald Tribune. Sibiu show recreates a world of dreams and colors that occur with a subtle humor, the most unusual journey of the subconscious. For performances in the Grand Square of Sibiu organizers will bring over 600 cubic feet of helium and will mobilize a technical team made up of over 35 engineers and swindlers.

          The XXII edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival aims to continue the tradition of cultural offerings at the highest level . For ten days , Sibiu turns into a huge stage with artists from all over the world presenting theater , dance , music, circus and installation as well as exhibitions, conferences , book launches and movies in over 60 areas including squares , churches , historical sites , pubs and theaters classic . For more information please visit the following sites about the program of cultural events in Sibiu

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Come to Sibiu to live “life” events fever !

Red Bull Romaniacs

March 29th, 2015 by

Thanks to his adventurous style, Martin Freinademetz, the former multiple World & European snowboard Champ and the organizer of the ‘Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye’, explored the Carpathians Mountain areas on his own enduro bike for many years, before coming up with this solid and unique hardcore competition in 2004.
He had the off road experience and skills, knew the geographical areas better than anyone, so could present an unforgettable Enduro Rallye experience.
Amazing mountain climbs and downhills, fantastic single trails, add in navigation…and thanks to the numerous exploring and tour guide experiences, Martin figured out that adding a time-attack to those tracks would leave him an ideal World Class motorbike Enduro Rallye on tracks never used before.