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We offer you a car!

Do you want to rent a car?Nothing easier and more comfortable.We`re at your disposal with a wide range of brand automobiles , carefully tested , safe and comfortable.
What is there left to do? Chose the model you want and get ready te travel


baby seat

Daewoo Matiz

Nr. zile Price Deposit
1-3 25 €/day 100 €
4-8 23 €/day 100 €
9-15 20 €/day 100 €
16-21 19 €/day 100 €
21+ 15 €/day 100 €

Dacia Logan

Nr. zile Price Deposit
1-3 29 €/day 150 €
4-8 27 €/day 150 €
9-15 25 €/day 150 €
16-21 22 €/day 150 €
21+ 20 €/day 150 €


Chevrolet Aveo

Days Price Deposit
1-3 33 €/day 150 €
4-8 30 €/day 150 €
9-15 28 €/day 150 €
16-21 25 €/day 150 €
21+ 22 €/day 150 €

Rent a car service description

Have you ever wished you could rent a car sibiu that meets all your requirements. a1sibiu.com offer a car rental Sibiu service, but also all over the country.

Renting a car can be made online, by email or phone service is available 24 / 7 for a car rental sibiu experience to be as simple and enjoyable.

We offer you rent a car with a driver or othervie said car rental with driver .Sibiu airport transfers or any other city in the country is available 24 / 7.

Being among the first companies to rent a car in Sibiu have a broad experience and thus able to deal with any claims related to car rental Sibiu.

Whether you rent a car for commercial business or pleasure you can choose from our car park a rental car for your needs to be fulfilled.

Renting regulation
To ascertain that what we offer you is in complete correspondence with your requests and to avoid any kind of disconcordance , no matter what their nature may be , we put at your disposal the terms of the contract , that we will take into account when answering to your requests. (F.A.Q / Renting terms and conditions)

 Rent a car Sibiu
Pay less,  drive More
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