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Tour Sibiu

sibiu-events        Tour Sibiu is as Unuinea International Cycling informs only competitive cyclists Romania already included in the UCI calendar for 2015 Tour of Sibiu 2015 will take place according to the court cycling world, but promises to be scheduled commencement father on July 1 because oranizatorii want a final stage with the sprint placed on one of the avenues of Sibiu. The debut tour will be represented by a prologue in the historical center then continue with the final sprint stage, and the two mountain stages will be scheduled on July 3rd and July 4th sycamore Balea Lac. The final stage is the arrival in Piata Mare Sibiu traditional place for the end of the Tour.

           Sponsors Race 2015 will take place on 20 June 2015, on two tracks: one for girls (17 km) and the other for boys (35 km), identical to the year acesta.Echipele will consist of six boys and a girl the number of teams or individual competitors from each sponsor is unlimited, provided they are its employees

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